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Siri is virtual intelligent assistant developed as a part of Apple Inc., and it uses operating systems watchOS,macOS,tvOS and iOS. Siri is released in October of 2011 written in Objective-C Swift Siri is available for iPhone, Apple TV, Mac, Apple Watch, iPod, iPad, and HomePod. Siri virtual assistant comes with integrates language Arabic, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Hebrew, English, Portuguese, Malay, Finnish, German and Thai. Apple Inc. developed intelligent assistant uses natural language user interface and voice queries to answer questions, perform actions and make recommendations. Actions are performed by delegating certain requests in order to set of Internet services. Siri software, in fact, adapts to customers' language usages, preferences, and searches with continuous use. Results which return are individualized depending on users' preferences. In order to perform personal tasks depending on users' previous searches and preferences Siri uses voice-controlled interface which uses sequential interface. Siri also uses contextual awareness in order to help perform individual tasks for Apple products users. This program was originally developed by Dag Kittlaus together with his team of SRI International. Therefore, Siri was introduced as one of the iPhone apps. In October of 2011, Apple bought Siri and re-released it as a newest app for Ios 5. Currently, Siri is run by vice president Bill Stasior, and this technology is integrated into new Apple HomeKit as well.

Siri Releases

As we mentioned, Siri was initially introduced as the newest addition to Ios 5. Even though it didn't enjoy the same level of integrations as an independent app, after Apple bought Siri they integrated the app with built-in services such as Mail, Calendars, iMessage, Reminders, Stocks, Safari, Music, Notes, Weather and some other external services including Wolfram Alpha and Google. Siri also could tie into other external service Find my Friends. Following version of Ios6 Siri was compatible with iPad devices as well, and it also gained the capability to provide various information including restaurants, movies, sports, and music. Another addition to this version was the ability to open various apps, to post Twitter and Facebook updates, and to link into Apple's Maps app for navigation. Following version Ios 7 Siri got an update in order to match new language design, higher-quality voices, and to gain access to Voice Mail and Settings. This release also came with the ability to display tweets and to tie-ins to Bing and Wikipedia. The next version Ios 7. Brought Siri great integration with some new features including CarPlay feature. In this release Siri also gained better quality voices for language including Australian English, English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. An additional feature was a push-to-talk feature which provided better control when Siri is listening. With release Ios 8 Siri was further updated, and new features were integrated like the ability to listen command Hey, Siri when plugged in. This was great additional feature particularly useful to those who are driving, while cooking, while in bed, or while likewise situations when people are too far away to use the Home button to activate Siri. Siri is also integrated into another Apple. Inc product, HomeKit framework. Therefore, Siri can be used in order to control home automation. For instance, if you say Good Night Siri, you can make sure that your lights and TVs are turned off, that your garage is locked, control temperature at your home, etc. The Siri team is run independently at Apple even though Siri is integrated into Springboard system. The Siri team can modularize Siri and integrate the broader range of services in addition to those that are already offered. There is no yet Siri for OS X operating system on the Mac, and there is no application for programming interface as well. It should be noted that unlike Google Now, Siri is not yet put on board to Ios devices, meaning that even local tasks such setting alarms have to be performed out to the Internet that in fact allow a network to affect these local task performances. In fact, Apple refrained from adding further prescience to Siri, that would allow the program to provide information even before being asked. We are looking forward to seeing what new Siri releases have packed for users, and it was announced that Siri is coming to the Max OS Sierra users as well.

Siri Original Release Reviews

Siri original release was, in fact, a spin-off from a project by the SRI International as part of Artificial Intelligence Center. Siri speech recognition is developed by Nuance Communications, and the program uses machine learning technologies in order to function. Siri voice assistant was initially released as an additional app for ios in2010. Two months later the program was bought by Apple. Apple integrated Siri into iPhone 4s in October of 2011. Since then Siri personal assistance has been an integral part of Apple's devices. Original Siri release in October of 2011 received some mixture reviews. Reviews included praise for its contextual knowledge and voice recognition. On the other hand, the program was criticized for requiring very stiff user commands and at the same time having a lack of more flexible features. Criticism also included lacking information on specific places and the program's inability to recognize and understand some English accents. Reports in 2016 and 2017 also indicated that the program s currently lacking in innovation, mostly against other competing virtual assistants who are introduced by other technology companies like Google Assistant developed by Google. Recent reports also concerned that the program contains a limited set of features in comparison to other similar programs. They also state the program, in fact, provides bad voice recognition, undeveloped integrations. These reports are in fact causing some trouble for Apple company in the particular field of artificial intelligence as well as cloud-based services.

Siri Features

There is few option available in order to get Siri's attention. You can press and hold the home button in order to activate Siri and issue some commands to her or ask her any question. In a case when you are using Apple's Earpods you can press a central button in order to activate Siri. If you have Hey Siri feature, you can without pressing any buttons activate her. Siri features include schedule reminder and events, checking basic information and other phone actions like calling someone and reading received messages. Basic information can be checked such as weather forecasting or current news on the market, etc. Siri also can handle various device settings such taking pictures, turning Wi-Fi on and off and increasing device brightness. You also can search the internet, find different pictures, search through Twitter accounts and other.

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