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Google Assistant is a virtual assistant introduced by Google in 2016. Google Assistant was announced in May of 2016 at its developer conference, and unlike Google Now this personal assistant is able to interact in two-way conversations just like Apple Sire. Google Assistant was initially developed as part of other Google app Allo and Google's voice-activated speaker integrated into Google Home. The initial release of Google Assistant was compatible only with Pixel XL and Pixel mobile devices, but in February in 2017, it began being deployed on other Android-based devices including smartphones and Android Wear devices.

In May of 2017 Google Assistant was released as an independent app. In April of 2017, Google announced the release of a software development kit and ever since Google's personal assistant had been further extended in order to support a wide range of devices including smart home applications and cars. The functionality of Google Assistant can be further enhanced by other third-party developers. Android users mainly interact with Google's virtual assistant through natural language interface and a device keyboard for typing. In the same manner as older app Google Now, this program is capable of searching the Internet, adjust various device settings, scheduling reminders, alarms events. Google Assistant also can display different information from the user's account based on individual preferences. Recently Google announced that Google Assistant would be capable of identifying objects and gathering various visual information using device's camera. It will also support sending money and purchasing products online.

Google Assistant Development

Google Assistant is the latest iteration of a virtual assistant. In fact, this latest iteration is considered to be an extension or an upgrade of another app Google Now that is also designed to be personal app featuring voice controls. If you are using an Android-based device, you know that Google Assistant feature options like pulling out valuable information for you based on your preferences. Google Assistant also knows where you work, and it also knows your meeting events and locations as well as your travel plans. Google Assistant also knows what sports teams you follow and all other things related to your personal interests. This various data is presented to Android users in Google cards and through reminders on your device.

As we mentioned, Google Assistant was revealed on May 2016 during Google's conference together with revealing of the Google Home and messaging app Allo. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO explained that this personal assistant was developed to provide Android users two-way conversational experience. Following month Emma Coats a former Pixar animator and Ryan Germick Google Doodle leader were assigned to make Google Assistant app more personality. Google Assistant was initially available for Pixel XL and PIXEL mobile phone. In February of 2017, it was announced that Google Assistant would be accessible to all Android-based devices which are running Nougat and Marshmallow, initially selecting just English-speaking markets. The program is also integrated into other Android devices including Android TV, Android Wear, and Android Auto. Google announced on May 15 that the app would be coming to Ios devices as a separate app.

Google in December of 2016 launched Actions on Google which is developer platform for Google Assistant. Further actions included enhancing the Assistant consumer experience by adding some features like enabling developers to bring various services to the app. In the following months, Google added some new features for enhancing Google Assistant like adding support to the creation of various games for the app. Google Assistant was initially limited to the Google Home, and these further actions made it available to almost every Android-based devices and Ios devices in May.

In April of 2017, SDK or software development kit was introduced which allows third-party developers to build hardware which can run Google's Assistant. The app was also integrated into Raspberry Pi, Volvo and Audi, various smart home applications like ovens, fridges, and washers from various companies such as LG, D-Link, General Electric and iRobot.

Google Assistant Interaction

Google Assistant interact in a similar manner of another Google app Google Now, therefore this personal assistant can search the Internet for you, schedule alarms and events, adjust device settings and show various information from a user account. Assistant is able to engage in two-way conversation since it is using natural language processing model developed by Google. Results of searches are presented in a manner of Google Cards so users can tap these cards to open the page.

Google Assistant can also maintain your shopping list which was already done within Google Keep a notetaking service. This feature was later moved to another app Google Home and Google Express in April of 2017 which resulted in a severe loss regarding functionality. Then in May of 2017 Google announced that their personal assistant would support a device keyboard for various typed input as well as visual responses. The also announced that Google Assistant would gather visual information as well as support identifying different objects. Google Assistant will also support purchasing products online as well sending money. Users will also be able to see their history of queries through the use of device's keyboard.

Google Assistant Features

Google Assistant comes with a broad range of useful features. For instance, you can let Google Assistant unlock your Pixel smartphone when you hate it to use PIN or fingerprint to unlock your device. With Google Assistant you can open various apps just with your voice. Just say OK, Google and give him a task. Google image search has never been easier with Google Assistant. Google Assistant also knows your interests and preferences, so you can ask it to suggest you where to dance, shop, eat and drink. You can let this virtual assistant suggest you best vacation spots as well.

If you just want to relax and watch your favorite tv-shows, let Google Assistant cue up for you favorite Netflix movies and shows. This virtual assistant is also able to read you daily news. If you are interested in sporting events, Google Assistant can deliver you latest sports scores. This app also can be your weather forecaster with regular updates. Google Assistant can play for your video, movies, and music as well. This app is also able to set a reminder for you and set appointments, so you are never late again.

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